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After the insight of a week with our lecturer Ben Dreesbach, we would now like to introduce our course X07. You are just starting your third semester. This course really knows everything. Teaching vis-a-vis, digital and hybrid. They had to acquire skills quite quickly. Learning to learn, digital learning and subject-specific learning at a distance. And yes, they have accepted this situation as a challenge. They are only strengthened in their intention to become physiotherapists. Die Inhalte der Ausbildung, so konnten sie feststellen, sind so spannend, dass es egal ist auf welchem Weg sie zugänglich gemacht werden. Enjoy a week with Course X07, from Course X07’s point of view!

The X07 course introduces itself

As a March course, we virtually started the training in the summer semester. That had its advantages. Fortunately, phases of face-to-face teaching were also possible again and again as part of the protective measures. But the most important thing was that we grew so close together in the first weeks and became a real team. We quickly realised that there are strengths and weaknesses in everyone, but we can all benefit from each other. What makes us special is that we stand up for each other and count few peas. Today it is the one who elaborates a little more and tomorrow it is the other. That’s how we handle a lot of things: Tidying up, refilling or shopping for the course. It is a good feeling to know that if something has been forgotten, one or two others have their ears and eyes open. During our time together, we learned, sweated, got angry and, above all, laughed a lot!

The start of the training

At the start of the training, the terms seem unpronounceable, the mass of material infinite and the contexts far away. Learning to learn after ten to thirteen years of school is of course not easy. But it is important, because learning for practice is something else again. But it is important, because learning foCommunication, physiotherapeutic methodical action and health models provide a clear route right at the beginning of the training.r practice is something else again. In all challenges, it is important to recognise the advantages that a strong class network brings. Practising together, discussing together, giving each other feedback, listening to each other, training together, guiding and correcting each other. All this leads to more security and routine. This consolidates the new knowledge and it is like mobilisation… a new range of movement must be muscularly secured. So it is also important to set anchors in learning. Moreover, it is great if the training is more than a preparation for a 0815 job. Our learning content accompanies us throughout the day, it is tangible and we can see and recognise it in others. Not every job can claim that. These factors mean that we all learn the same things, but experience what we learn individually. As a result, each of us internalises what we have learned in a different way. So we approach things with the same method, but each in our own way!

Self-learning component in physiotherapy training

Regardless of the type of teaching, digital or hybrid, there is a large amount of self-learning and a high degree of personal responsibility in physiotherapy education. As learners at X-PHYSIO, we quickly had to realise that there is also homework, even if none was assigned by the lecturer. Self-empowerment and self-responsibility are demanded and encouraged from day one. We look up words that are unclear on our own. We prepare topics that are coming up the following day by getting a rough overview of them. With this strategy, the learning effect in the lectures and practical lessons increases, we quickly noticed that. This structural approach gives us more certainty about the content we have learned. Of course, we can then call these up better when needed, and that in turn leads to better results in knowledge quizzes, so that we also benefit enormously from this in the exams. This motivates us to step on the gas even after class!

Corona and the hygiene requirements

We are allowed to study in small groups in the school if the strictest hygiene requirements are observed. Hygiene measures had a high priority in our country even before the pandemic. Learning in small groups is also not an innovation in our ranks. Right at the beginning of the training, the lecturers encouraged us to stay after class and practise independently on each other and with each other, thus learning together. We quickly realised how effective it was and integrated it firmly into our weekly structure. Whether joint training and mutual guidance and correction or the presentation and questioning of learning content, it makes great sense in this way. This form of learning has a great added value at school. This learning forum has a great added value. couches, anatomical models, orthoses, training equipment and digital presentation media as well as loan laptops – everything is also available to us outside of class time.m at school. That is not a matter of course! Therefore, we appreciate it very much and also use these opportunities intensively. Lingering was of course more relaxed before the pandemic measures and of course we miss the school kitchen very much! All the more reason to look forward to coffee together again and the cooking experience at lunchtime, when it’s back to full presence. Until then, we’ll just let off steam on the digital learning board. This is really fun, especially when @gaisma__ gets going when calling up his anatomy skills.

Individual accompaniment

We really benefit from the information on personal career and study planning at X-PHYSIO. In this way, we get tips on which jobs, internships, voluntary work or further training alongside our education will bring us closer to our career goal or place at university.

Another great advantage is the information on physiotherapeutic professional behaviour. In this way, we also learn how a physiotherapist communicates and performs, thus improving the outcome. All this, coupled with the knowledge of the benefits of regular exercise, makes us all work regularly on our form and performance in addition to acquiring knowledge.

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